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On a regular basis our expert team members choose a select few new products that we think will benefit your business.

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Magna Steyr Transfer Case Motors

These replacement transfer case actuator motors are new factory units designed for the Magna transfer case in late-model Chevrolet and GMC half-ton, quarter-ton and 1-ton trucks.

Bushing Kit 6T70, 6T75, 6F50, 6F55 (Solid Bushings)

These kits (Transtar part number 124030A), which feature nine bushings in a set, are designed for late-model GM and Ford vehicles. Both 4-5-6 clutch hub bushings and the output hub spline side bushings are Teflon coated for durability, and all parts are solid bushings for a better fit and longer service life a clear upgrade over OE parts.

Filter, 45/68RFE 4WD 99-up with Press Relief Valve

This filter (Transtar part number D72010BA) fits Chrysler 4WD vehicles (1999 and later) and 2WD vehicles (2010 and later). The filter features a new design that includes a pressure relief valve to prevent the filter from splitting in reverse pressure situations.

Chrysler 62TE Low Drum, Teflon Ring Lands, 2007-up

Steel rings wear into the ring lands of the OEM aluminum retainer, causing failure. This product (Transtar part number A132557AB), designed for 2007 and later Chrysler vehicles, features Teflon-coated ring lands to prevent metal rings from causing premature wear and failure.

GM 4L60E Input Shaft, 300mm Torque Converter type, no reluctor or pilot, 1998-20

Not available from the OEM, this high-quality steel replacement shaft (Transtar part number A74670G) allows the original input drum to be reused. It is designed for GM vehicles from 1998-2005.

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