G-TEC Heated Cooler Line Flusher

Eliminate Comebacks and Mechanical Failure

G-TEC Cooler Line FlusherG-TEC's heated cooler line flusher cleans out the cooler lines, heat exchanger, and other components prior to installing a rebuilt or new transmission; a process which has been proven to minimize the likelihood of repeat repairs. This special tool removes contamination in the cooling system by melting down waxy varnish residue from burnt ATF and by purging metal particles, clutch material, and other contaminants from the system. Only by heating the cooling system back to high temperatures will the exchanger expand releasing the debris into the flow of pulsating hot oil.


TTCF-6.pngTTCF-6 Basic Heated Cooler Line Flusher
G-TEC's Basic Flusher is THE Original Heated Cooler Line Flusher. Since 1991, it has been helping transmission service technicians protect their profits by eliminating comebacks on their rebuilt transmissions.

TTCF-7.pngTTCF-7AR Heated Cooler Line Flusher
This model features everything on the Basic model plus a flowmeter, fluid purge valve, air purge valve, tool tray & bracket, manual reverse valve and more.

TTCF-8.pngTTCF-8 Heated Cooler Line Flusher
This model comes with all the features of our previous models with the addition of the one-nut Oberg 64 micron filter, so you can easily show your customers the dirt you cleaned out of their lines. The TTCF-8 also comes complete with nearly adapter we offer allowing you to clean the cooler lines of hundreds of models of vehicles!



Click the Image to review G-TEC's complete line of cooler line adapters.


  • - Transmissions usually fail in high temperatures
    - ATF gets filled with debris and contaminates
    - As the exchanger cools, the debris gets trapped in the exchanger
    - In cooling, the trapped debris and waxy varnish solidify
    - Only heating the ATF in the cooling system back to high temperatures will melt and flush out the cooler system thoroughly

  • Cold solvents and aerosol cans CANNOT expand the exchanger or re-liquefy the contaminates.