Multi-Vehicle Low Viscosity ATF

Transtar Low Viscosity Full Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid:

A synthetic fluid designed for wide coverage of transmissions requiring modern low viscosity fluids

Transtar Cleaning Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Full Synthetic formula for increased performance and protection
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability
  • Excellent anti-wear protection
  • High performance friction modifiers for smooth shifting
  • Low viscosity for increased fuel economy


  • Quart
  • 5-Gallon
  • 55-Gallon (Drum)
  • 330-Gallon (Disposable Tote)


  • Suitable for use in…
    ZF: Lifeguard 6, Lifeguard 8
    Ford: Mercon LV, SP
    GM: Dexron VI
    Honda: DW-1
    Hyundai/Kia: SP-IV, SPH-IV
    Mazda: FZ
    Mercedes: 722.6, 722.9
    Mitsubishi: ATF-J3
    Nissan/Infiniti: Matic-S
    Toyota/Lexus/Scion: Type WS

  • Ask your sales rep for:
    Quart: M465MVLV
    5-Gallon: M465MVLV-5
    55-Gallon: M465MVLV-55
    330-Gallon: M465MVLV-330