Precision Metal Works (PMW)

Fully Customized Parts Washing Equipment

Precision Metal Works is the industry’s leader in producing heavy-duty Parts Washers. PMW designs a unit exactly to your specifications and builds it to perfection. This equipment exceeds expectations in the most demanding environments imaginable. Used by the best, simply the best.  PMW has supplied Standard and Custom Parts Cleaning Systems for some of the biggest companies in the world. Be the next one.

Rugged Construction for your Shop's Unique Needs

PMW uses only the highest-quality components in order to ensure your Parts Washer is rugged enough to endure the toughest work environments. These washers are engineered by the industry’s leading design team to deliver detailed cleaning results at the highest capacities.



Transtar's partnership with PMW will get you the best parts washer on the market at the best price

As part of our partnership with PMW we offer a hands-on approach to designing a washer tailored to your needs at the best price on the market. We know that helping you find quality solutions like PMW allows your work to reflect that quality, making your shop more competitive. Call your Transtar representative so we can assist you in designing a washer that maximizes your cleaning process and helps you achieve your production goals.

To place an order or check availability, call your sales rep or the Transtar location nearest you.


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