Simplify Your Solvent Process and Reduce Costs

The Industry’s premier Solvent Recycling System is portable, easy-to-use, and affordable..
  • Reduce solvent costs
  • Constant supply of clean solvent
  • Service multiple machines
  • Reclaim and reuse valuable oils
  • Reduce waste

Why should I use StillClean to recycle my solvents

  • Eliminate hazardous waste and expensive, unnecessary, service contracts with waste haulers
  • Clean solvent means faster cleaning and cleaner parts
  • Save money on solvent purchases and waste generator permits
  • Lower your environmental liability
  • Easy to use, move and set up your StillClean in a matter of minutes
  • Processes solvents with flash points of 105°F to 150°F
  • SAFETY: Recycle 24 hours a day, StillClean is ETL Listed to UL Standards 201 and 2208
- Actual distillation -- not filtration.
- Light-weight and portable.
- No troublesome and noisy vacuum pump.
- Can be operated 24 hours a day.
- Use on multiple parts cleaners.
- Small footprint for your shop.
- Reused solvents boost your ROI.
- Clean, pure solvent available constantly.
- Eliminate solvent service costs.
- Slash hazardous waste disposal.
- Lower your environmental liability.
- Simple onsite recycling process.


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