New Fluids, More Tools

Transtar customers beat heat with new fluid choices, more tools

The summer months are a great time for firing up the grill on your back porch or spending an afternoon at the beach. But, as Transtar product manager Joe Kerick warns, for drivers who ignore their vehicles at this time of the year, it could be their transmissions that end up getting burned.

Joe KerickHigh temperatures can wreak havoc on cars, so ensuring vehicles have the proper lubricants and fluids is vital, said Kerick, a 28-year veteran of the automotive industry. Kerick is working to make sure Transtar customers are well-equipped to help those who bring in their vehicles beat the heat. Kerick oversees Transtar's line of lubricant offerings, along with electric products, bushings, bearings and tools.

Later this month, Transtar customers will see a major addition to the company's fluid lineup, Kerick said. Transtar will begin offering a whole new line of transmission fluids for Asian vehicles.

"The fluids are formulated specifically for each vehicle brand," he said.

Expanding Product Line

Kerick is also working with Transtar's purchasing managers on increasing offerings for continuously variable transmissions, expanding coverage of electrical external transmission components and purchasing specialty tools for newer transmissions. All of this comes on the heels of a groundbreaking tool catalog that features more than 1,000 tools from multiple suppliers. The catalog was launched in April and is available for download on the Transtar website.

"No one has pulled all of these suppliers together into one catalog before," Kerick said. "It's a great resource for shop owners to find all the equipment they need in one place."

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