Transtar Sales Rep Training

New sales rep training keeps Transtar customers ahead of the curve

As a leading force in the world of transmissions, Transtar Industries takes pride in being an educator for both its employees and its customers.

To ensure that knowledge tree continues to blossom, Transtar has set down roots in a new training program for its sales representatives that ultimately will help keep customers ahead of the curve. The learning management software, called SmartTeam, launched on June 1.

“Transtar has a responsibility to our industry, our customers and our employees,” said Transtar product manager Mike Cargill, who played an integral role in the research and implementation of the new training platform.

“Our customers want more technical information and more information on newer products. They might not always know where the industry is going, but when they get there, they want Transtar to be ready and waiting.”

In the past, Transtar primarily relied on a series of webinars to educate its salesforce. Bandwidth and scheduling conflicts frequently proved to be challenges with this system. Now the SmartTeam learning management software has put those concerns to rest. Sales representatives can log into a dedicated site whenever it’s convenient, knowing they will receive a high-quality education that will reliably prepare them to better serve customers.

Better Training, Better Customer Service

“Our representatives want more education so that they’re better prepared,” Cargill said. “Things in this industry change so rapidly, the amount of research needed is more than any one person can be expected to handle. With SmartTeam, we’re leveraging the size of our organization, and using technology and our great training capabilities to keep our people on the leading edge.”

The majority of the content for the program has been generated internally at Transtar, although more information is being added continuously – both by Transtar and its vendors, Cargill said. Training is ongoing for sales representatives so they stay current on trends in five categories:

  • Systems
  • Technical training
  • Product training
  • Catalogs
  • Marketing

To date, more than 95 percent of Transtar’s sales representatives have begun the engagement process by logging in and beginning training, Cargill said.

“Our reps have said the education they’re getting from SmartTeam has been great, and they’re ready for more,” Cargill said. “Ultimately, it’s a great sign for our customers.”

Ready for Transtar’s salesforce to share its continuously expanding knowledge with you? Contact your local Transtar representative today.