Mount catalog goes beyond the writing on the wall

Transtar launches highly-anticipated mount catalog

Looking to provide customers better information on the company’s mount offerings, Transtar product manager Arnie Dunai said the writing was on the wall: Literally speaking, it was time to go beyond the writing on the wall.

For years, customers have relied on trusty—but limited—wall posters that list Transtar’s mount offerings. Now, a digital—and far more robust—catalog is available. Transtar is releasing its first online mount catalog, a database that sorts products by year, make and model, and displays them with high-quality photos. The new catalog will make it easier than ever for Transtar customers to get the correct mounts for the vehicles in their shops.

“Customers have been asking for this,” said Dunai, a veteran of the industry who oversees Transtar’s non-automatic transmission-related parts. “Our mount offerings are now fully cataloged online to create a single point of reference for customers to identify the mounts they need.”

Smarter inventory to better serve customers

In another initiative to better serve customers, Transtar has initiated a life-cycle management plan for its current inventory. Using a recently developed mapping tool, Transtar is creating smarter inventories at local and regional levels.

This tool analyzes the most popular transmissions being used in each market. The data collected shows when to scale back offerings for transmissions that are declining in use while ramping up products that are becoming increasingly in demand locally. That information helps Transtar build inventories with the right parts at the right times in the right areas.

“It’s a full team effort here,” Dunai said. “The mapping tool is great not only today, but for the future so we can continue supporting our customers.”

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