EZ Tech: Transtar's transmission technical resource

EZ Tech: The place to go to be in the know

“You’re never truly on vacation once somebody knows you can fix a car.”

That bit of wisdom comes from Transtar technical services manager Dave Hritsko, recalling a recent exchange on Transtar’s EZ Tech forum.

Dave Hritsko

A veteran mechanic was visiting family on vacation when he was introduced to his brother’s neighbor, whose 2007 Chevrolet Silverado was having transmission difficulties.

“Because the mechanic was out of town and away from his shop, he had little to work with,” Hritsko said. “He put up a post on the EZ Tech forum seeking advice, and thanks to the responses he received from some fellow industry pros, he was able to identify a faulty ignition switch and fix it.”

Hritsko takes great pride in seeing Transtar customers come together to help each other through EZ Tech. The forum has been a passion project for him this year, as he’s taken a hands-on approach. Transtar’s peer-to-peer help system has undergone a radical shift, going from an email-based help program to the message board-based EZ Tech forum. While Hritsko rarely posts on the board, his work as an administrator keeps it clear of spammers and allows the expertise of Transtar’s customers to shine through.

“It’s really important to me,” Hritsko said. “We have some very talented people participating on the forum. I want to keep it user-friendly so our customers can get the help they need.”

Transtar's resident tech expert

With nearly 40 years in the industry, including the past 20 with Transtar, Hritsko is a repository for trade knowledge and expertise. His experience goes back even further, all the way to the age of 10, when he first tore down his grandfather’s lawnmower. As he matured and began studying automotive repair, he found transmissions particularly interesting.

“Transmissions were the hardest thing to work with in class,” Hritsko said, “but I always liked the challenge.”

Today, Hritsko keeps his crown as Transtar’s resident tech expert through his research with ATSG, ATRA and TRNW, and he keeps an eye on other industry forums. Beyond his work overseeing EZ Tech, he’s proud to share technical expertise with customers and fellow Transtar employees, oftentimes helping the two connect the dots in a rapidly evolving industry.

“Units are changing so much,” Hristko said. “If a sales representative needs assistance in identifying a part for a customer, I can help them, even if they just have a photo to work from. Like the saying goes, sometimes a picture’s worth a thousand words.”

Trend toward more specialized products

Going forward, Hritsko says customers can expect to see even more specialized products as transmissions become increasingly sophisticated. That can even apply to traditionally simple items, such as transmission fluids.

“Fluids aren’t so simple anymore,” Hritsko said. “Now every transmission has its own special fluid. It’s becoming critical. The fluids evolved as much as any part of the transmission.”

And as the industry continues to evolve, Hritsko will be watching closely. Transtar customers can be confident a solution to their challenges is just a click away – even if they’re on vacation.

Unsure how to proceed with a repair? Sign up for a free account on Transtar’s EZ Tech forum and receive advice from fellow industry professionals.