Transtar Goes the Extra Mile for You

Transtar Goes the Extra Mile for You

Dave Hritsko

Shortly after joining Transtar Industries in late July, David Haynes experienced firsthand the can-do attitude that has kept the company at the forefront of the transmission industry.

Haynes was touring Transtar branches across the country, meeting some of the faces of the company and the customers they work with. During one stop, he was greeted by a branch manager who had traded his button-down shirt and dress pants for work gear that day. The branch was short-staffed due to illness, but parts needed to be sorted and orders needed to be filled. So, in order to take care of our customers, business “casual” was ditched so that business “as usual” could be conducted.

“People make or break a company, and there’s a lot of great people here at Transtar,” Haynes said. “They’re passionate about getting things done for the customer, and they’re willing to move heaven and earth to make it happen.”

Inspired by that dedication, Haynes is leading efforts to take Transtar’s industry-leading customer service to even greater heights. As vice president of U.S. domestic distribution, Haynes is overseeing several growth initiatives that will create an enhanced experience for more customers in the coming months.

“Historically, Transtar has been known to do whatever it takes for the customer, which I respect and admire. The people of Transtar and their desire to do what’s best for the customer are our legacy as a company,” Haynes said. “For us to get to the next level, we’re looking to arm our people, with the right processes and tools that can help to make us more effective.”

Although Haynes is new to the transmission industry, his record for leading strategic growth initiatives is extensive. He has worked in building automation and energy management, as well as manufacturing, software and telecommunications.

Haynes will oversee the development and implementation of several projects designed to enhance the overall customer experience. For starters, he has put an emphasis on making Transtar’s e-commerce platform, eSource™, more effective for customers who elect to use it. Among the benefits of the eSource platform: Users can identify the parts they need and create a quote at their convenience, enjoying the full Transtar experience at any time of day or night.

Another major initiative in the works is an exclusive solution that shows Transtar which vehicles are on the road in each market. This will help the company gain a better understanding of the products needed at various points across the country, creating smarter inventories at each branch. The initiative is currently in the testing phase, but Transtar customers will reap its benefits soon.

Overall, whether it’s through inventory management, e-commerce or the tried-and-true face-to-face meetings, Haynes’ goal is to develop a cohesive approach to providing a superior customer experience.

“You have sales people serving customers at one end, operations sourcing product at the other, and a lot of people in between,” Haynes said. “They all need to work in concert so that we can achieve our goal of continuing to enhance the customer experience at every touch point. With the initiatives that are focused on serving our customers that we’re putting in place, we’re truly going over the top to create an energetic environment for our team and, ultimately, the best customer experience in our industry, bar none.”

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