Differential Overhaul Kits

Why should a repair shop buy Transtar differential overhaul kits?

  • One stop shopping with little to no wait time.
  • Great application coverage.
  • OEM quality components such as KOYO, Nachi and NTN.

Our Top Kits

Item # Make Size Year(s)
722G004 Chrysler 8.25"  02-10
722B004 Chrysler 8.25"  66-06
723A004B Chrysler 9.25"  01-08
723A004 Chrysler 9.25"  70-00
713F004 Dana 35  85-99
716C004 Dana 60  99-12
718B004 Dana 80  99-08
761A004 Ford 7.5"  75-06
762B004 Ford 8.8"  79-08
763A004 Ford 9"  334230-2K
763B004A Ford 9.75" 99-08
764A004 Ford 10.25/10.5" 85-08
764B004 Ford 10.5"  99-06
741A004AA GM 7.5"  75 & Up
742D004A GM 8.25"  97-08
742G004 GM 8.5"  72-99
742G004A GM 8.6"  99-08
742G006A GM 8.6"  1999 & Up
743A004 GM 9.25"  88-09
744A004B GM 10.5"  97-05
742G004C GM 10-Bolt 2009 & Up
745A004 GM/Chrysler 11.5" 2001-2010

What's in the Kit?

Transtar's Differential Overhaul Kits include: 

PinionBearings.pngFront and Rear Pinion Bearings & Carrier Bearings

Pinion bearings are designed to reduce friction in the direction of desirable movement, increasing efficiency. In drive differentials, pinion bearings help the smallest gears in the differential work smoothly. Differentials are made up of a series of gears and cogs, and it is the smallest gears that allow one wheel to safely rotate faster than the other.

Pinion Nut

Pinion nuts secure the driveshaft yoke to the pinion gear. You should replace original worn or damaged pinion nuts each time a gear set is changed.

Pinion Seal

Each pinion shaft will have a pinion seal, which is used to ensure that fluid does not leak out of the differential past the shaft. Depending on the setup, you may have a rear shaft, or a front and rear pinion shaft.

Crush Sleeve

A crush sleeve is designed to prevent your pinion bearings from being preloaded too tightly and prevent the pinion nut from loosening up.

Gear Marking Compound with Application Brush


To check the gear tooth pattern, paint several ring gear teeth with gear marking compound. Rotate the ring gear so that the painted teeth contact the pinion gear. Move it in both directions enough to get a clearly defined pattern. Examine the pattern on the ring gear and make the necessary corrections.

*Axle Bearings and Axle seals are sold separately specific to application