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AAM_Logo2.pngOnly original equipment quality components are guaranteed to meet the same specifications as the parts they replace.  AAM Aftermarket provides its customers with high quality, reliability, durability and performance in every aftermarket part it sells.  AAM designs, engineers, tests and validates components to meet the same exacting specifications as the parts that they replace.  

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AAM is a premier, global leader in the design, engineering, validation and manufacturing of driveline, metal forming, powertrain, and casting technologies for automotive, commercial and industrial markets.

AAM_Options.pngAAM designs, engineers, tests and validates components to the vehicle manufacturer's exact specifications. AAM's manufacturing operations - from heat treating and sealing to gear cutting - use proprietary processes and methods. On-going research in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH), thermal management, system and modules, vehicle- system efficiency, vehicle handling and dynamics and other disciplines, help assure you the benefits of today's latest technology. The result: better manufactured components from day one. Insist on AAM Parts.

What's New?

Yokes & U-Joints
Yokes and U-Joints from AAM
Transtar is now stocking Yokes and U-Joints from AAM for popular transfer case applications. 

AAM driveshaft components are designed, tested and manufactured to maximize performance and durability. All AAM driveshaft components are used by vehicle manufacturers around the world. Learn More

Helical Gear Limited Slip Differential for GM 8.6” Rear Axle
American Axle's helical gear designed limited slip differential provides many traction–enhancing capabilities under most driving conditions, especially for vehicles equipped with traction and stability control systems.
The TracRite® GT technology used in this 8.6” axle differential case is the same used in the 11.5” limited slip rear axle in the RAM since 2003. Learn More


TracRite.pngTraction-Enhancing Differentials
AAM’s portfolio of TracRite® differentials are designed into many vehicle system to improve traction and performance. AAM differential cases are machined and assembled to the high quality standards and tolerances that OEM's require. All case and case assemblies are designed and tested for each specific vehicle application.  More


  • Absolutely!
    Transtar is proud to carry a full line of AAM Axle Components; Driveshaft Components; and Installation Parts & Kits.
    Ask your Transtar Sales Rep about all of the American Axle products we carry!

  • In the unlocked mode the locking differential acts as a normal differential. However, in locked mode the left and right axle shafts are coupled together, providing maximum traction with the ground.
    In this mode, 100% of input torque can be applied to both wheels.