AAM_Logo2.pngWhether you are transforming your daily driver to a street/strip machine or want to improve your off-roader, Eaton has aftermarket differentials that are right for your application.

Eaton differentials fall into two categories: Limited slip, and Locking differentials. Limited slip differentials are torque sensing differentials allowing one of the wheels with traction to receive more torque. Locking differentials are ideally suited for off-road applications by ensuring each wheel receives equal torque.

Eaton Differentials

EatonPosi.pngThe Eaton Posi limited-slip differential controls traction in street rods, and have light duty pickups for all types of tarmac running race cars. Featuring pyrolytic carbon clutches, rebuildable design, net-forged gears for added strength and seamless, automatic operation. 
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EatonPosi.pngThe Detroit Truetrac limited-slip differential maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. With a helical-gear style, it works in forward and reverse, and is maintenance-free. Its versatility makes this product the ideal traction solution for almost any type of vehicle.  Buy Now!
The Detroit Locker provides ultimate traction for mild to extreme vehicle applications. Its bullet-proof design is engineered to keep both wheels in drive mode – even if one wheel is lifted off the ground. It works in forward and reverse, and is 100% automatic locking, and maintenance-free.   Buy Now!

EatonPosi.pngThe Eaton ELocker is for drivers that need traction on- demand. With its electronic, selectable differential design, at the flip of a dash switch, drivers can go from open to 100% locked. A second flip of the switch deactivates the unit so driving can resume to normal. The ELocker is the one of the most reliable on-demand differentials, featuring selectable operation and net-forged gears for added strength.  Buy Now!


  • In the unlocked mode the locking differential acts as a normal differential. However, in locked mode the left and right axle shafts are coupled together, providing maximum traction with the ground.
    In this mode, 100% of input torque can be applied to both wheels.

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