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You can count on Transtar to source the quality parts you need from our strong community of suppliers. We choose our suppliers carefully, because we know that your reputation depends on the quality of parts that we deliver. Suppliers, like Rostra, share our vision and meet the premium standards we set for our product offerings. Rostra offers the broadest selection of original equipment and aftermarket electronics of any transmission components manufacturer worldwide.  

Solenoid kit for the Volkswagen JF506E/09A
(Year Range: 2000-2010)

Transtar Part Number: 98420
98420-1.png This kit from Rostra contains: 
  • Internal color coded wire harness 

  • Shift A solenoid (17 ohm)

  • 2-4 Brake Timing solenoid (17 ohm)

  • Shift C solenoid (17 ohm)

  • Reduction Timing solenoid (17 ohm)

  • Low Timing/Low Clutch solenoid (17 ohm)

  • Shift B solenoid (16 ohm)

  • EPC Pressure Control solenoid

  • 2-4 Brake Duty (Oil Pressure) solenoid

  • TCC solenoid, and color coded internal wire harness (10 prong connector with 9 one blade connectors & ground). 

All solenoids are date coded, serialized, and new. Each Rostra kit is 100% factory tested.

4L80E internal and external harness kit

Transtar Part Number: 34446K
34446K-1.png This kit from Rostra features OEM connectors, OEM seals, environmentally sealed wire splices, TFE Teflon wiring, 90° wire conduit, color coded 11 wire set to match OEM, and is 100% tested for continuity.

Internal Repair Harness for Allision LCT 1000

Transtar Part Number: 121446C
121446C-1.pngThis internal repair harness features OEM connectors, OEM seals, OEM wiring, and also includes the temperature sensor.  Rostra’s GM Allison harness is 100% tested for continuity, fit, and function.

OE AS68 Pressure Switch

Transtar Part Number: 99411B
99411B-1.pngThis pressure switch is a normally open pressure switch – 1/8” NPT which closes at 45-50 psi. There are 5 per unit, positioned at PS3, PS4, PS5, PS6 & PS8 on the valve body. Dodge part # 68019699AA; Isuzu NPR part # 8-98179-072-0.

OE AS68 Pressure Switch

Transtar Part Number: 99411A
99411A-1.pngThis pressure switch is a normally open pressure switch – 1/4” NPT which closes at 65-70 psi. There are 3 per unit, positioned at PS1, PS2 & PS7 on the valve body. Dodge part # 68019700AA; Isuzu NPR part # 8-98179-073-0.

OE AS68 Shift Solenoid

Transtar Part Number: 9942199421-1.png
This shift solenoid is the S1, S2, S3 and S4 on/off shift solenoid (4 per unit) for the Aisin Seiki unit. Dodge part # 68019702AA; Isuzu NPR part # 8-98179-071-0.


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