6 Speed RWD Automatic Transmission for 2011-2013 Ford 6R80

Transtar Part Number: 95-BBR

These units are built with the latest OE UPDATES & backed by “The Transtar Quality Seal of Approval”. This unit comes standard with the 18 month 18,000 miles warranty & it is upgradeable to the Premium Warranty 36 months 100,000 miles or the Ultimate 36 months 500,000.  (Common Tag numbers include BL3P-EA)

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Warning! Special TCM/PCM programming sequence and reflashing requirements!
This unit requires specific relearn, initialization, and/or reprogramming procedures. If included instructions are not followed exactly as written, premature failure will result, and will not be warrantable.
OEM diagnostic equipment may be required if your equipment lacks the full capability to run the relearn or reflashing dialog properly.
You are responsible for ensuring that the latest calibration is programmed into the module