Fluids & Chemicals

Fluids & Chemicals

Transtar has a wide variety of chemical products, starting with the basics:  Transmission fluid and additives. But the job doesn't end there. We can help with many aspects of your business.  

Transmission FluidsTransmission Fluid Products

Transtar has a large variety of ATF brands available, including Transtar-branded fluids, which cover almost every transmission and application. Learn More

These fluids can be purchased in various sizes from Quarts, Gallons (2.5), and Drums (55 gallon). 

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We also have a wide variety of Lubegard® Additives

ACDelco_Dex6-2.PNGOE Transmission Fluids

Transtar carries a large selection of OE ATF brands, including fluids from ACDelco,  the premier supplier of GM Original Equipment automotive replacement parts. Transtar partners with OE suppliers, like ACDelco, to provide our customers with the widest selection of parts available anywhere in the industry. Learn More

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Differential Fluids

Transtar-branded Synthetic Gear Lubricants cover almost every differential application. Our fully-synthetic multipurpose gear lubricants are made with premium quality synthetic base oils and additives. Learn More

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Cleaning Products


Transtar's high-performance cleaning products are safe on hands and tough on dirt, grease, and grime. Created using a new pH Neutral technology that puts a barrier between the dirt and the surface, these products can clean the dirtiest area in your shop without harming hands or automotive parts and machinery.  
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  • Industrial Strength
  • Safe on Hands
  • Safe for many automotive parts
  • Non-Hazardous
  • pH Neutral
  • VOC Compliant
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Additives & Protectants


The LUBEGARD brand is not only recognized as a leader in quality, but more importantly as a product that provides actual solutions to specific servicing and performance problems within various industries.  No wonder ILI has developed a cult-like following from professionals within the automotive service industry over the last few decades. Learn More

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  • Yes. Transtar carries OE ZF fluid for the 5, 6 and 8 speeds. Transtar carries other OE fluids for domestic and import applications. Fluids have evolved like the transmissions themselves and can be a major factor in transmission failures.

  • NO! Use the specified fluid for the right transmission type or issues may arise. CVT transmissions require special fluid, and ATF specifications range in viscosity from low to high. If using a multi-vehicle synthetic, look to a fluid application chart and ensure it matches what is specified in the owner’s manual.

  • All chemical products have a safety data sheet on file in our transend application https://transend.us or you can contact your sales rep who can retrieve it for you.

  • In addition to Transtar-branded ATF, we also carry the following brands of Automatic Transmission Fluids:
    MOBIL 1

  • Transtar's high-performance cleaning products are safe on hands and tough on dirt, grease, and grime. Click Here for more information