Lubegard Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant



Red.pngAutomatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Protectant 

  • Assists in eliminating warranty comebacks
  • Keeps valves and governors free and frees stuck valves in valve bodies
  • Eliminates objectionable noises during shifts
  • Provides for smoother shifting
  • Maintains proper ATF viscosity index in the torque Converter
  • Softens and modifies harsh shifts making them quicker in duration
  • Optimizes total transmission performance
  • Eliminates clutch chatter and torque converter shudder
  • Reduces wear throughout the transmission
  • Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation
  • Extends fluid life
  • up to 40°F
  • Prevents overheating, reducing elevated operating temperatures
  • For use with any required *ATF’s!


  • ATF Protectant will work in all makes and models except for Ford Type F, CVT & Dual Clutch Transmissions.

  • One 10oz. bottle of ATF Protectant will treat up to a 10qt. system and should be administered in a one ounce to one quart ratio. Do not exceed 2oz. per quart.

  • Lubegard's ATF Protectant usually works quickly, however severe cases may take between 35-150 miles to work in. Benefits last for the life of the fluid.