Lubegard_Logo.pngThe LUBEGARD brand is not only recognized as a leader in quality, but more importantly as a product that provides actual solutions to specific servicing and performance problems within various industries.  No wonder ILI has developed a cult-like following from professionals within the automotive service industry over the last few decades.
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LUBEGARD provides a variety of high quality, high performance transmission fluid/chemical solutions.

Red.pngAutomatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Protectant

Used, endorsed, designated, and recommended by multiple OEM’s to protect transmissions and reduce warranty claims.

To learn more about LUBEGARD’s ATF protectant, click here.


Instant Shudder Fixx™

A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for INSTANTLY eliminating torque converter lock-up shudder.

To learn more about LUBEGARD’s Instant Shudder Fixx™, click here.

KoolerKleen.pngKooler Kleen™ Transmission Flush

Award winning solvent-based formula chemically removes contaminants from transmission cooler lines safely and completely.

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KoolIt.pngKool-It Evaporator and Heater Foam Cleaner

Quickly and easily neutralize and remove the contaminates that live in air conditioning and heater systems that can cause foul smelling, health threatening mold and mildew deposits.

To learn more about LUBEGARD’s Kool-It Evaporator and Heater Foam Cleaner, click here.

LimitedSlip_Lubegard.pngLUBEGARD Limited Slip Supplement

A concentrated friction modifier formulated specifically for eliminating noise and chatter in clutch type limited slip differentials.

To learn more about LUBEGARD’s Limited Slip Supplement, click here.

Lubegard_Power_Steering.pngLUBEGARD Synthetic Power Steering Fluid

Engineered to outperform competitive power steering fluids, LUBEGARD Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is the service solution for all European, North American, and Asian Vehicles.

To learn more about LUBEGARD’s Synthetic Power Steering Fluid, click here.

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  • "Posi chatter" can be a sign of early worn limited-slip differential clutches or lack of positraction antifriction additive. LUBEGARD's Limited-Slip Supplement will eliminate your differential chatter. It will also reduce differential temperatures and extend clutch pack and equipment life. LINK