80W-90 Gear Oil

Transtar 80W-90 Gear Oil:

This gear lubricant is made with premium quality base oils and additives.  It is recommended for use in applications calling for GL-5, MT01, and J2360 certifications.  Be sure to check the owner's manual.  

Transtar Cleaning Products

Features & Benefits:

  • Thermally stable for improved cleanliness.
  • Exceptional extreme pressure protection and load carry capacity.  
  • Compatible with widely used seal elastomers.
  • Stay in grade shear stability.
  • Meets GL-5, MT-1, and J2360 performance.


  • Quart
  • 2.5-Gallons (x2)
  • 55-Gallon (Drum)
  • 330-Gallon (Disposable Tote)



  • Suitable for use in…

  • Ask your sales rep for:
    Quart: M46580W90
    2.5-Gallon: M46580W90-2.5
    55-Gallon: M46580W90-55
    330-Gallon: M46580W90-330