Allison Fluids

Allison transmissions are increasingly popular in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications – and now, thanks to a rare collaboration between Transtar and Allison, the in-demand fluids that power these vehicles are available to you.

Allison Certified

A high performance lubricant designed to meet the demands of modern heavy-duty commercial automatic transmissions.

  • Fully synthetic formulation for enhanced performance and protection.
  • High oxidation resistance and thermal stability.
  • Excellent anti-wear protection.
  • Contains advances technology friction modifiers for smooth shifting.
  • Higher viscosity for applications that require extra protection.
  • Extended drain intervals.

Transtar TES-295 certified Allison Transmission fluid is suitable for use in applications still under factory warranty, as well as for customers demanding the highest OEM quality fluid for their vehicles.

Available in:

1 gallon (3.78L)
2.5 gallon (9.46L)

Suitable for use in the following applications:

Product Properties:

Aftermarket Equivalent

For Allison applications outside of manufacturer warranty, the Transtar aftermarket equivalent is the perfect solution for cost-conscious customers. This fluid is fully backed for quality and performance.

Available in:

1 gallon (3.78L)
2.5 gallon (9.46L)

Suitable for use in the above application chart.