Ford 5R110W Internal Upgrade Kit

Superior Transmission Parts Ford 5R110W Internal Upgrade Kit


Transtar Part No. – A16165
Transmission – Ford 5R110W

This kit resolves a list of internal design and failure issues in the 5R110W transmission.

This newly released and patent pending kit component features:

  • Super-sized Direct Drum Bushing with a state-of-the-art lube flow design.
  • Metering orifice restricts lube dump to the balance piston providing necessary back pressure.  This helps to maintain and optimize lube flow to deliver fluid to the stator sleeve so the bushing maintains full lube on its wear surfaces.
  • High-tech CT-101 Dry Film Lubricant coating reduces friction and increases lubricity for improved break-in and durability, and extended bushing life.  The exceptionally tight mating tolerances eliminate drum wobble and bushing spin-out.
  • Bonus Content! The kit includes the Superior Low Reverse SuperTuff® and 2005-up Forward Clutch Heavy Duty Snap Rings.

Kit features Upgraded Sealing Rings, Shim, and Cup Plug

Additional kit component features:
  • Oversized bronze-filled carbon graphite lap-joint sealing rings for the Direct Drum.  These sealing rings are 0.015 inches wider, and are more flexible than the OEM PEEK rings.  This allows them to conform to groove irregularities and provide a better seal.
  • End play shim that reduces clearances providing axial support to reduce rocking which causes Forward Drum Bushing wear, as well as helps eliminate the front to rear movement which unseats the Direct Drum Sealing Rings.
  • Solid Teflon® Forward Clutch Sealing Rings for better seal and longer life of the sealing rings
  • Solid Cup Plug to clear the blind hole passage from accumulating debris