Ford 5R110W Pump Upgrade Kit

Superior Transmission Parts Ford 5R110W Pump Upgrade Kit

Ford_STL5R110W.pngThe NEW STL-5R110W Sure-Cool® Flow Control System for Ford 5R110W Gas and Diesel 2005-up

Transtar Part No. – A16507K
Transmission – Ford 5R110W

The Secret is in the Pressure Regulator Valve

This newly released and patent pending kit component features:

  • Elimination of up to 50 psi oscillating pressure providing a stable pressure environment.  Finely tuned and regulated flow control shortens the valve cycle time which reduces bore wear.  This results in increased valve and bore life while improving system flow.
  • Drop-in and GO™ design utilizes the unworn part of the bore eliminating the need for reaming.  The specialized design creates a non-stick and self-cleaning valve.
  • Special cleaning grooves aid in centering the valve in the bore.  This centering design reduces side loading, bore dragging, and sticking.  This design is similar to the Superior designed Honda & Acura CPC valves.
  • Improved design improves torque converter & cooler flow from 2 gpm @ 20 psi to up to 4 gpm @ 40 psi.  It holds these pressures even during electronic malfunction, unplugged harnesses, and solenoid problems.

Kit features a TransLab Engineered® and patented Sure-Cool® Flow Control SystemFord_FCS.png

This newly released kit component features:
  • Upgraded design replacement component for the OEM thermal bypass valve featuring full time cooler flow with lower average fluid temperature.
  • Built in high pressure safety bypass built into the lube circuit.
  • Allows immediate and accurate ATF level fill with no warm up required.  Saves up to 45 minutes for normal fill up, wait for warm up, and fluid level recheck.  This allows you to fill it, run it through the gears, check, and go.

The kit also features:


  • Universal EPC Relief Circuit – This design works with any size Pressure Regulator Valve, prevents runaway line pressure and case breakage, helps prevent uncontrolled boost from pump cross-leaks, and diverts blow-off to lube circuit instead of the sump


  • 3rd Gear dummy sensor plug

  • 3 spring choices for TCC Apply.  2 springs for diesel applications, 1 spring for V-10 gas applications.