Safety Gloves

Transtar carries safety glove kits, rubber insert replacements, and testing gear to help keep you safe when servicing hybrid vehicle batteries.  

High Voltage Class-0 Electric Service Glove KitHybrid Safety Gloves

Part #s:
M7005HVMK (Medium)
M7005HVLK  (Large) 
M7005HVXLK  (X-Large) 

Class 0 high voltage protection kit comes with a set of gloves, leather protectors, & a storage bag (not pictured).

High Voltage Class-0 Electric Service GlovesHybrid Safety Glove

Part #s:
M7005HVM (Medium)
M7005HVL (Large) 
M7005HVXL (X-Large) 

Class 0 high voltage protection. Hybrid vehicle service gloves.


Insulated Glove Inflator for Glove Inspections

Hybrid Glove Tester
Part #: T-7005TEST 
For a quick and thorough inspection of rubber insulating gloves. OSHA 1910.137(b)(2)(ii).
  • A Hybrid Drive Battery is a large battery that assists the engine, providing power to maximize fuel economy. It is usually located behind the rear seats.

  • Always wear Class O heavy duty gloves (lineman's gloves) rated to withstand 1,000V when disconnecting high-voltage components, such as the battery.

  • These gloves should be maintained in excellent condition and checked prior to each use to ensure there are no leaks. Even a small opening can draw current that is seeking a ground.

  • Most manufacturers advise waiting at least 10 minutes before working on the vehicle after the battery has been isolated or disconnected. The high-voltage capacitors need time to discharge so there is no residual voltage to pose a shock hazard.