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Detergents, Additives, and Cleaners

Improve cleaning and save money with TransBrite detergents. Highly concentrated detergents specifically engineered for the transmission, torque converter, engine & powertrain remanufacturer & rebuilder.  Learn More

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The Most Trusted Brands in Parts Washers

Precision Metal WorksPMW.png
Let us help you design a heavy-duty parts washer exactly to your specifications. Precision is the industry leader in building custom units that perfectly fit your shop.  Learn More

Solvent Recycling & Reclamation

The Industry’s premier Solvent Recycling System is portable, easy-to-use, and affordable.  Learn More

  • TRANSBRITE 9000, RustFREE and UltraSONIC are all aluminum-safe.

  • Your local TRANSTAR Representative will put you in touch with TRANSBRITE Technical Support!