Master Kit, 5L40E 2001-up (All Wheel Drive)

Transtar Part Number: K4100P

Master Kit, 5L40E 2001-up (All Wheel Drive)

BMW X3, 2004-06
BMW X5 3.0i, 2001-06
Cadillac SRX All Wheel Drive, 2004-up
Cadillac STS All Wheel Drive, 2005-up

This new Master Kit is for all wheel drive applications. It complements existing Axiom Master Kit # 134006, which is for rear wheel drive applications.

The difference between the two kits is the 2nd clutch and 2nd coast clutch. The AWD units have larger diameter clutches in these two clutch packs.

The new clutches for AWD are one-sided frictions, as are all of the frictions in the 5L40E transmission.

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