Mercedes 722.6 Master Kits with or without Steels, 2002-up

Transtar Part Number: 78004C, 78006C, 78004D, 78006D

Transtar now carries the rebuilding kits for the Mercedes-Benz 722.6 transmission, years 2002-up. In kit years 1996 to 2001, the frictions for B1, K1, and K3 are 2-sided. In 2002, the frictions were updated to 1-sided frictions for the B1, K1, and K3 positions. “Light Duty” kits carry the 5.250” ID (smaller) K2 frictions, while the “Heavy Duty” kits carry the 5.450” ID (larger) K2 frictions. All 4 kits also include the B1 clutch bonded piston and the latex coated pump plate. In addition to Mercedes vehicles, these kits also cover various Chrysler vehicles that use the 722.6 (NAG1) transmission.

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