Soft Parts

Soft Parts are designed to wear relative to other components inside a transmission. This means that soft parts should be inspected and replaced, if necessary, when rebuilding a transmission.

Transmission Soft Parts

Transtar offers the largest variety of OE quality and Aftermarket quality new soft parts for automatic transmissions and transfer cases from the leading manufacturers.

Whether your rebuild needs a new set of steels, bonded pistons, or just a pan gasket you can count on Transtar to deliver the highest quality parts in the market.

A few soft parts that we carry include:

Dura-BondBushings & Bushing Kits

Dura-Bond® is the world leader in cam bearings, bushings, valve seats and hardware.  They set the standard for the industry when it comes to their Bushing Kits. Learn More
Dura-Bond's NEW (Enhanced) Transmission Pump Bushings are constructed of seamless steel tube with a thin layer of babbitt material. Seamless construction makes installation easy, eliminating breakage and bushing surface interruptions.  Learn More

Exclusive to Transtar:  Dura-Bond's Dry Film Lubricant Coating - Provides solid lubrication of parts subject to torque or contact stresses.


Challenging Rebuild? It's in the Bag!

It’s more important than ever that you choose the right seal kit to round out your rebuild. 
Check out ourCVT Kits & DCT Kits


Transmission FiltersJust as using the correct fluid is crucial to a properly performing transmission, a high quality filter needs to be in place to continuously clean that fluid.  Impurities in the transmission can lead to poor clutch application, increased wear, and delayed actuation of various components.

Transtar offers transmission filters and transmission filter kits for every budget with a line of OE quality and aftermarket quality filters across many applications.

From in-line filters, to sumps, Transtar can help keep that transmission fluid looking and functioning like new.



  • Transtar's limited warranty: products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 12 months or 12,000 miles from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

    Any manufacturer, third-party, extended warranties, or limited lifetime warranties, should be handled through the manufacturer.

  • There are a couple of different filters for the 6L80/6L90 transmission. The correct filter depends on the specific application, year, and depth of the transmission pan. Contact a Transtar sales rep to identify the correct filter for your application.

  • The filter is located internally. Disassembly of the transmission is required for access to the filter.