Raybestos HT Frictions

HT Friction Clutches:

4L80 Recon Torque Converter

Transtar is proud to partner with Raybestos to deliver a new, high-performance friction clutch.  This product offers Hybrid Technology for optimum fluid flow dynamics. The innovative Raybestos HT groove pattern delivers the combined performance advantages of both a segmented plate and traditional wafer along with a new, optimum performance friction material to outperform the OE. HT is unique in all aspects from friction material to clutch design and coverage will be available for most popular applications.


  • Resistance to extreme heat caused by high-energy loading
  • Enhanced shift feel thanks to its higher coefficient of friction and favorable E/M ratio
  • Higher torque capacity than conventional high energy material
  • Low material compression, a critical factor in maintaining piston travel
  • Smooth yet quick engagements thanks to an endpoint/midpoint ratio that remains constant even under increased energy
  • Excellent compliance to the reaction plate/fluid interface



  • HT stands for Hybrid Technology. The unique groove design of the Raybestos HT friction clutch plate achieves the flow characteristics usually only found with segmented plates, even thought HT uses a solid friction ring (wafer). This provides more durability and mechanical strength to the friction material. Combining HT's groove design with the solid ring creates the "Hybrid" between segmented plates and solid wafer plates for greater durability.

  • There are two factors that combine to "absorb" the heat created by the clutches during the shift: the steel reaction plate that absorbs some of the heat, and the oil circulating at the surface of the clutch plates. Optimizing fluid flow across the friction face maximizes the cooling effectiveness of the oil during shirts to extend life.

  • No. Raybestos HT's fluid flow benefits are combined with a new generation friction material that exceeds OE specification.

  • The Raybestos HT friction clutch plate is not recommended for high performance applications, such as racing. Please contact your customer service representative in selecting the best Raybestos Powertrain products for your high performance needs.

  • HT is an enhanced OE replacement for all passenger cars (except Honda) and light trucks. Raybestos engineers have taken the guesswork out by offering HT where it provides the greatest benefit. Raybestos will continue to review applications and failure modes to identify where HT will offer better-than-OE performance for your rebuild.

  • Raybestos offers modules that contain HT friction clutch plates. These modules can be identified by the "RHT" prefix in the Raybestos part code. What's important to note is that the HT product is not a gimmick! HT is only offered where improvement in drivability or durability are needed. In HT clutch pack modules, it is possible that not every plate in the package will be an HT. Raybestos engineers select the best material for each position in each individual transmission, so you get the right product for the job at hand.