Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Use

1.      The Remote Assisted Programming kit is provided as a rental and is a pay-per service.  The pay per service fee is charged to the Transtar account the following day after the customer powers the system up, contacts a remote technician, and agrees to the service and fee.  Payment of service will follow the Transtar account terms, where COD accounts will be contacted and need to provide a credit card for billing.  

2.      The Remote Assisted Programming kit service is required to be used a minimum of two or more times a month.  If this minimum requirement is not met, a $19.95 rental fee will be billed to the Transtar account.

3.      Ownership: The Remote Assisted Programming Kit is and shall remain the exclusive property of Transtar/Drew Technologies and will be returned upon request. Agree to a $500 charge authorization for the Remote Assisted Programming kit, which will only be charged if the system is lost, damaged, or not returned.  

4.      In addition to completion of proper and professional diagnostics and related repair procedures, including any accompanied and required parts replacements, the customer will only request remote programming service on a vehicle that does not have any electrical issues and is not a total loss vehicle and has not been rebuilt, in a flood, or with a branded title. 

5.      Customer agrees to follow all instructions, both documented and verbal, as provided by the remote technician.

6.      Transtar/Drew Technologies guarantees success.  In the event that a remote programming event fails, Transtar/Drew Technologies will cover the cost related to ensuring a successful reprogramming event.

Additional Terms & Conditions

1.  Service and Fee
a.  To get started, customer will create a username and password during initial Remote Assisted Programming kit service.

b.  Customer agrees to accept full responsibility for any charges. These charges are authorized either by verbal confirmation with remote technician or by on-screen option selected as approved.
2. Guarantee
Transtar/Drew Technologies guarantees ECU flash programming success as long as following conditions are met:
a.  Any ECU or electronically controlled replacement assembly or part that requires flash reprogramming that is not OE new or OE reconditioned will no longer be guaranteed.

b.  The ECU being installed must be the correct part and in working condition. If the ECU being installed is determined to be defective or an incorrect part, Transtar/Drew Technologies will not be responsible for its replacement cost as supplier warranties should still be in effect.

c.  Instructions conveyed by Transtar/Drew Technologies to the customer that are not followed will void the warranty.  For example, if the customer did not connect the battery maintainer as required and Transtar/Drew Technologies finds out that the customer did not follow these instructions, the service will no longer be guaranteed.

d.  There must be no other problems with the vehicle that may affect the reprogramming.  For example, if Transtar/Drew Technologies decides to send the vehicle to a dealership to be repaired and the dealership determines that the ECU cannot be programmed until another problem with the vehicle is rectified (such as a faulty ground connection, corroded wiring harness, or aftermarket accessory that is interfering, etc.), then the Customer will be responsible for the cost to rectify that problem.

e.  Guarantee does NOT apply to: salvage, rebuilt, flood, or total loss vehicles.

3. Repair
In the event of a flash programming failure, Transtar/Drew Technologies may use any means available and, at its option, to repair the vehicle. Transtar/Drew Technologies may pay to have the vehicle towed to a dealership, ship the Customer an OE new or OE reconditioned ECU, ship a factory tool, send a mobile technician onsite, or resolve the issue in any other way deemed necessary. Transtar/Drew Technologies will work to resolve the issue as quickly as reasonably possible while using the same practices that the shop typically would have used if it had encountered the same problem.

4. Core Charge
Customer accepts full responsibility for the Remote Assisted Programming kit and understands following conditions may trigger core charge:
a.  Damage to the Remote Assisted Programming kit excluding normal wear or electronic defects of parts within the kit.

b.  Attempts or Disassembly of the Remote Assisted Programming kit, attempts to or installs any software on the tablet, or attempts to reverse engineer the Remote Assisted Programming kit.

c.  If Remote Assisted Programming kit is damaged, the customer will be charged the repair cost, up to, but not exceeding $500. If cables are damaged or lost, the customer will be charged the replacement cable cost.