Sonnax GM 6L Valve Bodies

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Transtar's community of suppliers represents the most trusted and experienced in the industry. Sonnax shares our vision and meets the premium standards we set for all of our product offerings. We rely on the best aftermarket and OE suppliers in the industry. 

For GM Applications: 6L45, 6L50, 6L80, 6L90:

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Say goodbye to paying top-shelf prices for GM 6-speeds. Sonnax now offers a full range of remanufactured 6L80 valve bodies GUARANTEED to deliver a combination of great performance and value you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Bores, plates, checkballs, seals, casting…EVERY critical area is reviewed, refreshed and repaired.
  • Top-quality Sonnax components optimize valve body function and prevent future wear.
  • State-of-the-art testing verifies AFL, clutch, TC and compensator feed pressures match new OE specs.
  • Tech and install tips ship with every unit, as does a Limited Lifetime Warranty!
Note: TEHCM not included with valve bodies. (Click Here for TEHCM Options)

Transtar Part Number: Sonnax Part Number: Transmission Year
P104740-1A GM6L45E 6L45/50 06-10
P104740-2A GM6L80E 6L80 06-10
P104740-3A GM6L90E 6L90 06-10
P104740-1B GM6L45L  6L45 10-16
P104740-1C GM6L50L 6L50 10-16
P104740-2B GM6L80L 6L80 10-16
P104740-3B GM6L90L 6L90 10-16
P104740-4A BMW6L45E 6L45, BMW 06-10 (R&R Only)
P104740-4B BMW6L45L 6L45, BMW 10-16 (R&R Only)


  • Beginning March 1, 2019 Sonnax will stop inserting instructions into their packaging of approximately 1,000 products.

    This change will primarily impact parts such as end plugs, valve kits and bushings that come in small bags. In general, instructions will continue to ship with larger components and boxed products such as Zip KitsĀ® and The Sure CureĀ® kits.

    Instructions for all products will remain available on the Sonnax website. To ensure everyone has quick access to those documents, Sonnax created a simple search tool found at

  • All valve bodies feature Sonnax components and upgrades designed to address: burnt clutches, TCC slipping complaints, harsh TCC apply, bumpy, harsh, or flared shifts, bind ups, wrong gear starts, and various trouble codes.

  • Sonnax includes a detailed Tech & Install Tips document with each remanufactured valve body. This includes product specific installation instructions, details on resetting adapts, tips regarding road testing and the computer relearning for consumer satisfaction from mile one. Additional bonus tech information on common transmission complaints and their root causes, air check information, and clutch and brake apply information.

    Click Here for a Sample Tech & Install Tips Insert

  • No, The valve bodies DO NOT come with the TEHCM. TEHCM must be purchased separately from the valve body

    Click Here for TEHCM Options from Transtar

  • BMW 6L45 models are available as R&R only.

  • Sonnax Product Support is available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST.