Remote Assisted Programming (RAP)

Remote Assisted Programming:

Transtar is very excited to provide you with the industry's leading solution for all of your programming needs.

What's Remote Assisted Programming?Transtar_RAP.png

Remote Assisted Programming allows you to program and flash a vehicle right from your shop!  No additional tools, software or expensive subscriptions required.

The Remote Assisted Programming kit includes a tablet, the vehicle interface, an OBD-II connector, and a 4G dongle.

Programming a vehicle has never been this easy:

  1. Plug in the kit
  2. Call 844-REFLASH (M – F, 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. EST)
  3. We do the work!


The Remote Assisted Programming Kit is absolutely FREE!

Each programming event is $125

Our Customer Guarantee

In the unlikely event that the remote programming fails, we will use any means available to repair the vehicle, provided these conditions have been met: 

  • The ECU that is being installed must be new or OE reconditioned.  No salvage yard ECUs will be guaranteed.
  • You must follow the instructions of the remote technician.
  • There can be no other inherent problems with the vehicle, such as faulty ground connection or an aftermarket accessory that is interfering.  In such case, you will be responsible for the cost to rectify the problem.
  • The guarantee is not offered for salvage, rebuilt, flood, or total loss vehicles.


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  • Chrysler
    - 1996 - 2009: ECM/PCM/TCM updates.
    - 2010 and newer: All module updates and replacement.
    - No support for 5.9L Cummins updates.

    - Powertrain module updates MY1996 and newer.
    - Powertrain module replacement MY1996 and newer.
    - PATS key learns 1996 – 2013
    - Modules on the K-line or MS CAN bus.

    General Motors
    - All module Replacement on all models MY2001 and newer.
    - All module updates on all models MY2001 and newer.
    - Key learns and Security functions on all models MY2001 and newer.
    - Vehicle health check on Global Chassis (GDS2) vehicles.
    - Vehicles older than MY2000 – programming speed issue.
    - 2007 Saturn ION PCM - programming speed issue.

    - Service is available for existing module updates only.
    - All existing modules updates for 2007 and newer Honda/Acura vehicles.
    - For earlier model years, please refer to the table: Click Here

    - All replacement CVT modules cannot be programmed. Replace with Service is available for existing CVT module updates only. Replacement CVT modules cannot be programmed.
    - Powertrain (ECM/TCM) module update model year 2004 and newer.
    - Powertrain (ECM/TCM) module replacement model year 2005 and newer.
    - Rear-wheel drive (RWD) valve body programming model year 2005 and newer.
    - J2534 module updating, programming & RWD valve body: $125.00 each.

    - Model years 2001 and newer.
    - New module programming. Used and re-manufactured modules not permitted at this time.
    - Existing module updating.
    - J2534 module programming, key programming and associated configuration, setup, and security functions: $125.00 each.
    - Module calibration check: $40.00 each.