GM TH350 Torque Converter

GM TH350 Torque Converter Product Overview

GM4401 Features:

  • Late model impeller turbine & stator used in TH700-R4
  • 100% brazed or welded fins
  • Heavy duty hardened turbine hub
  • Heavy duty CUSTOM impeller hub
  • Wider universal pad design – all bolts included Allows this torque converter to replace:
    • The GM350 (Chevrolet apps)
    • GM1A (Buick/Oldsmobile/Pontiac apps)
  • Special custom design has been dyno tested to ensure proper and proven performance in TH350 transmissions

Driveline Needs Assessment


The GM350 and GM1A are being phased out as rebuildable core is disappearing.

  • Found in antique/classic vehicles out of production
  • Used in racing applications
  • Cores are often destroyed upon return
  • Multiple poor pad designs
  • Older impeller and turbine designs


Custom conversion of a TH700-R4 torque converter.


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